My path to recover from burnout as a business owner

Learning to recover from burnout by knowing the triggers.

Looking back, some of these lessons have taken far too long to learn and others I so ingrained that I have to regularly remind myself that the old behaviour no longer serves me. Here are the things I had to change to recover from burnout:

Boundaries and recovery from burnout

I’ve been good with work boundaries for a few years now. No work email on my phone. No work at night. Restricted work on Sunday afternoon, when it suits what we’re doing as a family.

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Asking for help in my recovery from burnout

Part of my Type-A personality is a need for control. I acknowledge that. As a parent, it’s kept my family safe and functional. However now we have teenagers, I have to learn to pass that control on to them.

Expectations and my recovery from burnout

I hold myself to a high standard. I expect a lot. In the first few weeks after I burnt out, I had to learn to be ok with not meeting the expectations. As 2022 started and my life became incredibly complicated, I had to be ok with lowering my expectations of what I could achieve.

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Prioritising myself and my recovery from burnout

This has been the hardest one. And over the years, I’ve repeatedly told myself (and others) that “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and “you need to put your oxygen mask on first”. I became the classic of knowing what I needed to do but not having the right mindset to do it.

A final word about recovering from burn out

If you are recovering from burnout, I encourage you to:
— seek professional help to investigate underlying medical and/or psychological causes or contributors
— give yourself time, as much time as it takes, you will feel when you’re improving
— be gentle with yourself and firm with your boundaries (they protect you)
— trust yourself, you will improve with time, patience, and healing.



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